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Film for the Future

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In a world where everybody seems to be getting lost in their digital lives. It is time to take a step back and focus on what is real. Film allows us to touch and feel and have a personal connection to our work. In a way that digital could never offer.



Kodak has set out with a mission to get more photographers using film. Digital cameras allow just about anyone to become a pretty damn good photographer. Our campaign will focus on the touch and feel of film that is lost with digital photography. Using film requires precision and skill. We will key in on local film photographers to see what exactly draws them to analog.

Film for the Future

Kodak’s mission is to get people shooting with film. In today’s ever changing world, more and more people are turning away from film. The art of analog photography is being lost to the ease of digital.

‘Film for the Future’ will be a foundation set up by Kodak to support local photographers. One of the main reasons digital photography has taken over is due to cost. Through the foundation, Kodak will provide film, cameras, darkroom access, scholarships, entry fees, and instruction. We want to make film photography accessible to anybody who has the passion to pursue it.

Kodak will begin donating a portion of all profits to the ‘Film for the Future’ foundation. Locations will be setup across the country to provide access to as many photographers as possible. 

As the company that introduced the world to film. Kodak will now be the company to bring film back to the world.




Our commercials will focus on the process required to shoot film. With digital, a photographer can see the results of their work immediately. Analog photographers know they have a limited amount of shots to work with. But they won’t get to see their photos until after they develop the film. We will highlight how important this process is as well as how it can be meditative for the photographer.

Each commercial will tell a different photographer’s analog story. Why they choose to shoot with film instead of digital. How they go about the process of developing their film. And what it all means to them as artists. 

The commercials will run for 25 seconds. They will show off the different aspects of film photography that make it so special.




Our print ads will pay homage to film and the process of developing your work. Shooting with film creates a more personal experience. It that takes time and effort to master a camera. Having a limited number of shots forces the photographer to execute under pressure in order to get the perfect picture. With today’s technology, most people can pick up a digital camera and create something beautiful. Shooting with film is a craft.

We will be working with local photographers to better understand what it means to shoot with film. In our print ads, we will highlight memorable quotes and phrases about film, the process, and why it is so special. Along with the copy, we will highlight photography from whichever artist is being quoted.